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If you look at most of the pictures of me on here, you will probably see my oh-so-attractive fanny pack (I mean that sarcastically, of course, it’s a fanny pack for goodness sake). I pack it with pretty much everything I need and bring with with me to the parks, but I know it can be difficult making sure you don’t forget anything. So here’s a list of what I bring out for a day of fun.

1) a fanny pack or small purse (I like the fanny pack because I don’t have to keep track of it or take it off on rides.)
2) sunglasses (for obvious reasons)
3) a wallet
4) camera
5) extra batteries (because my camera tends to die randomly)
6) two quarters and a penny (for the squashed penny machines- I have a collection of squashed pennies.)
7) cellphone
8) ziplock Baggie (keeps phone dry on water rides and unpredictable Florida rainstorms)
9) Chapstick
10) hair-ties ( because I have a lot of hair)
11) hand sanitizer (to wash hands before eating; not pictured because I couldn’t find any)
12) sunblock (also not pictured)
13) poncho/ light weight rain jacket (not pictured and doesn’t fit in the fanny pack anyway)
14) small toys (to keep my little sisters happy in long lines)

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but if I have, I’ll add it later. What’s in your purse/fanny pack/pockets on vacations?

I don’t care what anyone says, giant birds are terrifying. I’m probably being silly, but flamingos are a lot bigger up close that they look in pictures.

This is Sarasota Jungle Gardens, where Mom, Chrissy, Rosie went with our grandmom last summer. It’s an interesting attraction, especially for outdoorsy types, where you explore paths through a jungle landscape. (It’s in Florida, I don’t think I mentioned that.)
The flamingos are just wandering free on the paths, and they are TALL! As you can see in the pictures, they’re easily as tall as Rosie, and some of them were my height.

You can purchase food for them in the gift shop and they’ll eat out of your hand. (I let my sisters do that; I stayed a good distance away from those crazy birds!)

You could also touch a baby crocodile, held by a handler of course, they don’t just let those run around freely. Chrissy had us running around somerset trying to find some Egyptian plant she thought she saw… We never did locate it. Anyway, that’s Sarasota Jungle Gardens!

(…just don’t forget the bug spray. Mosquitos EVERYWHERE…)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my dog wearing a wig.

Here’s hoping all of you have a lovely day!

Random Shoe Post

I’m in a play all weekend, so I have no room in my brain left to write a proper post, so here’s a filler post about shoes. But it’s funny (I hope) so read on if you if you don’t mind pictures of shoes. 20131107-150303.jpg
Bowling shoes trying to look fancy. Just give it up and stay in the bowling alley!
The Zipper Shoe. If your foot gets cold, just zip it up!

When you’re going for the “Medieval Battlefield Fabulous” look- seriously, these shoes look like weapons.

Army Surplus meets Casual Friday.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Here’s me in my school costume… My home room dressed as 101 Dalmatians. I’m a Dalmatian, in case you can’t tell from the bad photo.

Hope everyone has tons of fun tonight!

Test Track: New and Improved!!


Meet Lola. (Yes, I named the car.) Lola is the prototype car that my sisters and I designed when we went to the newly reimagined Test Track in Epcot. Basically, you design a car then ride it around the track to “test” it for things like speed and turning power and all sorts of other things, the names of a which elude me at the moment.

I had heard a lot about this ride before I went on it, and I was curious to see how it would work. Well, it starts when they give you a plain white plastic card, about the size of a credit card. Maybe a little bigger. Anyway, you get in line and are filtered in large groups into a kind of computer room with a ton of big touchscreen computers. You’ll tap your white card to a sensor on a machine. It will then allow you to begin designing your car. You can pick between engines, tire sizes, colors, all kinds of things. My parents designed this one:


After you finish that, you’ll join another line, still clutching that white card lest your beautiful car design be lost, and wait a few minutes to get to the ride vehicles. Then tap your white card to another kiosk, climb into a car, and begin the ride. There are still lots of great thrills, but the difference is that your car’s rating for each test is put up on a screen for you to see after each segment.

I was hoping that Disney would somehow make the ride car look like the car you made (maybe through the magic of projection, or better yet, pixie dust?), but I guess that was a teensy bit unrealistic. Anyway, the cars are really just plain black vehicles.

Lola did Pretty well in everything except speed, because someone (Chrissy, I’m looking at you) insisted on making it solar powered. Oh well, it was a win in my book.

P.S. They have some pretty cool displays in the first queue, including different cars and this engine, which according to my dad is “like artwork”.


Have you ever named a car or other inanimate object, just out of sheer awesomeness?

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had another Chef Mickey’s story that I am bursting to share… So here it is!


For my Halloween costume this year I am… Well, actually, it’s either punk rocker Minnie Mouse or Mickey and Minnie’s punk daughter. Whichever you prefer, really.

I was expecting a lot of funny looks from strangers, considering the fact that I pierced the famous Mouse Ears with studs and dangles, and that I suppose I’m a bit old to be dressed up anyway. However, I got surprisingly few of them. Just a couple of smiles from short-sighted elderly couples and a frankly pained look from a mom pushing a stroller.


Mickey and Minnie were both pleased to see me in Chef Mickey’s, though, and I even got up and danced during the celebration song.


How about you? Any costume stories to share?

Chef Mickey’s

Chef Mickey’s… What can I say? So many memories, most of them hilarious. We first went when I was pretty little, and we brought my friend Paris and her family along (they happened to be in Disney the same time we were.). It’s a buffet style affair, and I have to say that we had a lot of… fun choosing out own food. I imagine it was difficult for the parents- there were six kids between the two families, all between the ages of 3 and 9. And we all had to go through the buffet line at once.



Dessert was, if anything, more cacophonous than dinner, for one reason: self-serve, soft-serve ice cream machines. My dad was supposed to be watching Paris’s little brother Roman, who was getting himself ice cream. However, Dad got distracted and when he turned back to the little boy, he’d filled his bowl more than 6 inches tall with chocolate ice cream. They both ended up getting a rather incredulous look from my friend’s mother.


I forgot to mention that Chef Mickey’s is also a character restaurant. Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, and Minnie (and possibly Daisy, I can’t remember) go from table to table in chefs’ outfits and take pictures with the kids. Even that managed to end in hilarious confusion that day. First Donald stepped on Paris’s foot by accident. This prompted Chrissy, my sister, to “goose” the poor duck. Meanwhile, Paris attempted to tattle on Donald to Mickey Mouse, who just kept smiling and gave her a hug.


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed our Chef Mickey’s exploits. We actually went back recently, when we were staying in the Contemporary (where Chef Mickey’s is located) but I’ll be putting that story in another post soon! Believe me, more laughs are on the way!


What are your funniest restaurant stories?


The Adventures of Captain EO

In a little corner of Epcot, forgotten by all except dedicated Michael Jackson fans, hard core Disney explorers, and people like me who wandered in by accident, there lies a small (in Disney terms, anyway) building which houses a nice 4-D theater. Inside, you’ll find a show you probably have never heard of: Captain EO. It is from a while ago (obviously, since Michael Jackson isn’t exactly making music videos anymore…), and it is a little blurry, but not terrible.

Now. I kind of like the show, but I feel like I should warn those of who definitely won’t like it. (Look at me, acting like this blog is all reputable…) Basically what it is is a musical, 4D show where Michael Jackson, as the “notorious” (if you say so… I’d never heard of him before, personally) Captain EO, saves an alien planet through the magic of music. Or something. Anyway, that’s what I got out of it.

The Pros: There are some funny parts, most of them involving Captain EO’s mismatched crew of strange aliens. Also, if you like Michael Jackson, you’ll like this. Most of the sets are amazingly detailed, for those who care about that sort of thing.

The Cons: if you cannot stand Michael Jackson, DO NOT SEE THIS VIDEO. Apart from that, the outfits are really a bit… spangly. Sparkly. Overdone, especially towards the end. Also, the music is… Interesting. And the dancing, to put it I bluntly, is quite spastic-looking. And can you say OVERACTING?!

Also, I guess it bears mentioning that it begins with a clip a a spaceship blowing up an asteroid in a charmingly Star Wars-esque way. This greatly upset the little toddler behind us, so… um… depending on a child’s usual reaction to exploding space objects, they may not enjoy the beginning.

Despite having no particular opinion about Michael Jackson, I enjoy the show. Plus, it’s convenient for people like my sister Chrissy who are looking for any excuse to avoid The Figment Ride.

I don’t have any pictures of Captain EO, so here’s one of a restroom sign. Can anyone guess where in Disney it is?

Poncho Couture

So, I know that my last post was a bit negative… not to mention weird… So here is a more positive (but still extremely weird, awkward, and the rest of it) post to balance that one out. Okay?

So, let me set the stage. It’s evening in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. It’s absolutely beautiful weather, not too hot or too cold. Then nature suddenly decides, “No more Mr. Nice Weather.” It starts to POUR. All the sane people rush for cover, but a few (including me) seem delighted by this sudden turn of events and proceed to start jumping in the enormous puddles, splashing all the party-poopers.

The sane people under cover:


And how big were the puddles? Well, they seemed more like floods, and at least an inch deep in places.


Once I was done making a complete fool of myself jumping in puddles, I took this rare opportunity to admire all the prime examples of poncho couture (it’s an art.).

Sheer, Disney-esque covers:


Cheery primary colors:


The all-important backpack cover (also excellent for use on Slash Mountain):


What’s the weirdest/coolest/funniest thing you’ve ever seen a tourist wear in a theme park?

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