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The Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a beautiful show in which birds of all kinds sing to the park guests.  It was recently redone and taken from the rather more exciting ‘Under New Management’ version to the way it was when it first made its debut.  My family found the change rather disappointing, but on the bright side, it is now much better for younger kids.  Where before they might have been upset by the (I admit, kind of scary) appearance of Polynesia, the Hawaiian goddess of chaos, they are now delighted by the brightly colored birds.  Unless your little one is afraid of birds, you needn’t have any qualms about bringing them to the show.

When you walk in, you sit down on long wooden benches.  No need to strap in, you won’t be going anywhere during this show!  The birds sing a variety of well-loved songs, a few of which are accompanied by the tiki gods.  The room is dimly lit, but not enough so to be considered dark.  The ‘windows’ look out on stunning Hawaiian volcanoes.  The show is concluded by a cute magic trick.


It’s sometimes hard to figure out the quickest way to get from place to place in Disney.   Also, some  resorts are easier to navigate from than others.  For example, Wilderness Lodge has only two options: boat or bus.   Boardwalk, on the other hand, is rather more complicated.  It is close enough to Epcot and Hollywood Studios to walk, or you can take a boat.  If you want to get to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, you have to take a monorail (keep in mind that you have to get to the monorail, and, in some cases, change monorail in the middle.), or a bus.  Most Disney resorts have information packets in the rooms.  They include a map of the hotel in relation to the parks, transportation options, and other information that helps you get from place to place.  Happy traveling!

Getting there…

You made it to Disney World in Orlando.  You are sitting in your hotel room.  Now what?

Drive, Walk, Bus, Monorail, Boat, Taxi???

Check out the Getting Around catagory to  find out!

Stich’s badness level was up again…but Grandma liked it!


This picture was also taken at 10:30 am, and the fast pass return time was already at 3:55 to 4:55! That means that you would have to wait untill 3:55 to come back and use your fast passes!

Soarin’ is my family’s favorite ride in Epcot.  It’s located in West Future World, in an indoor attraction area called ‘The Land’.   When you enter, you buckle yourself into a seat, which then lift off the ground towards a gigantic movie screen.  Like a motion simulator, the chairs then glide you through a series of beautiful scenes created by amazing 4-D.   Soarin’ features a host of Californian scenes, including Belle’s castle in Disneyland, an orange grove, breathtaking ocean views, and more.  This ride is perfect for anyone who enjoys sightseeing, adventure, and the wind in their face.  However, if you are afraid of heights, this may not be the ride for you.  Infants should not ride this ride, but most children love it.  Even my 4-year-old cousin enjoyed this ride.

This picture was taken at 10:30 in the morning and the lines were already two hours long.

Spaceship Earth

This is a fantastic ride for all ages.  It never goes too fast, and features a fun interactive activity at the end.  This ride does go through periods of near total darkness when the area is lit only by “star” lights.  The cars also rotate backwards and go downhill moderately steeply, though not fast enough to cause alarm to children.  It is located inside the iconic giant sphere in East Future World.   The lines are rarely very long and move fairly quickly.   I do not recommend taking children under three years of age on this ride, but you should use the official requirements and your own discretion to make decisions on this topic.  Have fun!

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