Toy Story Mania is an amazingly fun, interactive game/ride in Hollywood Studios. You climb into little moving “cars” decorated carnival style and away you go. Disney’s amazing 3D technology mixes with much-loved Toy Story characters and the sheer joy of throwing virtual pies at targets and breaking 3D dishes to make this ride a smash hit. Such is the popularity of this ride that lines are often over an hour-long. At least the Disney Imagineers decorated the waiting area enthusiastically enough to keep most children occupied for most of the wait. There are giant toys of all kinds, countless photo opportunities, and even a giant, talking Mr. Potato Head with eyes and arms that really move! Mr. Potato Head talks to the guests and sings “1 potato, 2 potato.” If you’re lucky enough to get fast passes, the wait time is shortened considerably. However, you have to be a seasoned professional (or a very early rising sprinter) to gain the much-coveted Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania. They are often gone within half an hour of the park’s opening. The line for fast passes is sometimes longer than the wait for the ride itself (Wink wink)!  Also, you don’t need every member of your party in the line with you when you get fast passes for everyone, but you do need their park tickets and they need to be inside the park already. Toy Story Mania is extremely fun and deserves at least one visit. So remember this: Those who are brave enough to brave the lines will have great rewards.