Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a mine-train themed roller coaster in Frontierland.  It sometimes goes underground and undergoes periods of darkness.  The railroad then travels through a desert before arriving back at the starting point.  It can be scary for younger children, but it is an exhilarating thrill ride.  The lines are often over an hour long.  Here’s an interview with my sister, Chrissy, who is nine years old.

  • Pxzi: How did you like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?
  • Chrissy: I thought it was fun and exciting.
  • Pxzi: Was it worth the LONG wait?
  • Chrissy: It really was! (but when you get off, you may feel kind of dizzy)  I recommend getting Fast Passes.
  • Pxzi: What is it like?
  • Chrissy: Pretty fast but not so fast you’ll toss your cookies.  It’s fun!
  • Pxzi: Is it scary?
  • Chrissy: A little bit when you’re underground.
  • Pxzi: That concludes our interview!  See you later!
  • Chrissy: Bye Bye!