Splash Mountain is a fun log flume in Frontierland.  It tells the story of a young rabbit who runs away from home in search of an adventure.  He then gets captured by a fox, but he cleverly escapes and goes back to his family.  The ride features the wonderfully silly “Laughing Place,” lots of singing animals, and the song “Zippedy-Doo-Da.”  However, there are a couple of mildly spooky spots, such as the fox’s lair.  Two people can sit in each row, so parents can sit with little children.  As you float along the water in log shaped boats, you will experience several small dips and drops, plus one five story waterfall leading directly into the briar patch.  All I can say is PREPARE TO GET WET!!!

Here’s an interview with my seven year old sister, Rosie.

  • Pxzi: What’s your favorite thing about Splash Mountain?
  • Rosie: When you go down the BIG waterfall!
  • Pxzi: Is it scary?
  • Rosie: No, not for me.
  • Pxzi: Did any of your valubles ever get wet?
  • Rosie: My dress did.
  • Pxzi: Is the line long?
  • Rosie: Sometimes it’s REALLY long and sometimes it’s not long at all.
  • Pxzi: Is it always worth the wait?
  • Rosie: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!
  • Pxzi: On a scale of one to ten, how fun is it?
  • Rosie: Superdy Duperdy fun!  On a scale of one to ten, it’s 100 and a half!