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Fast Passes

Fast Passes are ways of bypassing the main lines in rides. Here’s how it works. You take your family’s park passes and go to the ride. There are machines marked “Fast Passes.” Put the park passes into the slot and the machine will shoot them out along with a fast pass for each park pass. There is a time period printed on the fast passes. When that time comes, go back to the ride and get in the “Fast Pass Return” line. You’ll find that this line is much shorter and allows you to get on the ride much faster. You don’t need all your family members with you when you get the fast passes, but they do need to be somewhere in the park. All in all, Fast Passes are a great way to save time.

These Fast Passes are for “Peter Pan’s Flight” in the Magic Kingdom.


I stumbled across this masterpiece while walking in the gardens in Epcot.  It advertizes the new movie “Brave.”


Boardwalk Resort

This is the view from our hotel room. We recently stayed at the Boardwalk Resort. Our room overlooked the boardwalk itself, which was good for people watching. However, it tended to be very noisy at night. The pool at the Boardwalk was very fun. It was about five feet deep and featured what I like to call the “Clown Slide.” This slide spirals down in two or three circles before straightening out and shooting the rider into the water. I call it the Clown Slide because it has a decorative bridge shaped like a clown’s head. It overlooks the straight part of the slide just before you hit the water. People can stand on the bridge and watch you zoom past. It’s a cool photo op for parents. The pool also has a small and straight baby slide.

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