If you love movies, you will love the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios. The waiting area is decorated with various props and costumes from famous Disney movies. Unlike most rides, it features a combination of live actors and animatronics.You climb into an enormous car which seats (an estimated) fifty people each.

The cars take you into scenes from such movies as The Wizard Of Oz, Alien, Public Enemy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and one (whose name escapes me) that involving a cursed Egyptian tomb.

During the action, you witness a bank robbery, lose your tour guide, a bandit comes aboard your car, then you get to see the curse of the Pharaoh’s tomb in action, and finally find your tour guide again.

There are some dark and spooky parts which could frighten little kids. There are also some skeletons, loud noises and an alien (from the movie Alien). However, it doesn’t go too fast and there aren’t any drops.