We recently went to see the Carnival of the Animals ballet at the Academy of Music (in Philadelphia).

20130512-162332.jpgIt has two accompanying acts too, the Ballo della Regina and The Four Temperaments. The building itself was incredibly beautiful from the antechamber to the actual theater, the decorations and architecture are phenomenal.


The shows were, if anything, more dazzling than the theater they were performed in.

The first two acts (Ballo della Regina and The Four Temperaments) were very good. They were your typical ballet, with no narration or storyline. The costumes were beautiful, the dancing amazing. I had only one complaint about these shows; that they were, perhaps, a bit too long. I’ve got a bit of a short attention span, and just dancing with little variation doesn’t quite hold my attention for a half an hour (per performance).

20130512-163345.jpgIf I had any complaints about the first two performances,performances, they were completely eclipsed by the amazing spectacle that was the Carnival of the Animals. This one did have a storyline and narration, and the narrator was none other than John Lithgow, the actor and comedian. The show was engaging, humorous at times, and just plain wonderful. In it, a little boy falls asleep to find that the people from his life had turned into animals in his dream. The play is great for children; I can’t recommend it highly enough.