If you’re looking for a family dinner with awesome food (which is surprisingly hard to come by in themed restaurants in Disney World), the Be Our Guest Restaurant, located inside the Beast’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, is the place to be! Don’t worry, it’s not scary if you have younger children (Though if you are traveling with children, you probably don’t want to ask to be seated in the forbidden west wing: See below). But all in all, it is a delightful dining experience – especially the deserts!

The Beast’s Castle is divided into two rooms- the forbidden west wing and the great hall. The forbidden west wing is dimly lit with lots of creepy torn tapestries of unicorns and stains (which look suspiciously like blood) on the walls. On the plus side you can view the enchanted rose (It’s a fantastic photo op!). On the down side it’s freezing in there (!) – when you walk in from the great hall, the temperature seems to drop ten degrees! Either imagineers were trying to make it extra creepy or the Beast went overboard with his air conditioning. Both are likely.


The Main Hall

On the opposite side of the spectrum you have the great hall. Honestly, it’s probably one of the prettiest places in Disney, and that is saying something. With cherubs painted on the high ceiling, gilded moldings all over the place, and just-right lighting, I absolutely love this room. Perhaps my favorite part are the fake windows that show a snowy forest when, in reality, it’s 80+ degrees outside.

Most of the food is French, but don’t let the fancy names scare you. If you haven’t a clue what something is, just ask your server; they’re very helpful that way. I must have asked a zillion questions when I ate there, and I ended up with a sea food soup in a pastry bowl. It was delightful. For the less adventurous (A.K.A. my sister Chrissy), there is a kid’s menu.

As confusing (though they are amazing) as the entrees might be, the desserts require no explanation. They are wheeled to your table in a pretty display case, and your choices include a variety of cream puffs, a lemon meringue cupcake, and the BEST triple chocolate cupcake EVER.

Finally, few words about the themed aspect of the restaurant: it is held in the Beast’s castle,and every once in a while a loud voice says, “Presenting your host, the Beast!” Then the Beast walks across the room, turns around, and leaves. He doesn’t go from table to table or anything, but you can get a picture with him on the way out.