My family and I recently attended the annual Irish Festival in Philly. Held at Penn’s landing, it was tones of fun despite the somewhat rainy weather.

There was live music on a stage right near the water. I can’t remember the names of the bands, but they were mostly mixtures of Irish folk tunes and modern, contemporary music. People sat on the steps to listen. Everyone was wearing green and having a great time.

During the festival, different Irish Dance schools got a chance to show their skills in front of the crowd. It was rainy during the first performance, and as I didn’t want to endanger my camera, I didn’t get any pictures of them. However, the sun shined on the next group and I got some great pictures!

My sister Rosie is in this group. She’s the one in sneakers, floating off the ground!


These girls were nothing short of amazing and I wish I had a video because the pictures just can’t show the actual movement. They had fancy shoes on that made a noise like tap shoes (another reason I should have taken a video) and danced perfectly to the Irish music playing in the background.

These girls’ outfits are so pretty- I’m just glad it wasn’t too hot out.

This little boy is pretty darn inspiring. He wasn’t the only boy dancing, but he was the only one doing a solo. Pretty brave of him, I’d say, but he seems to be enjoying it- just look at that smile!
I’ll leave you with a picture of this boat cruising down the river- Irish Forever!