I was in Philadelphia the other day, and, since I had a camera and time to kill, I took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful skylines. (In my defense, there are some pretty cool skylines in Philly.)



I love how the sky just dominates this one…

I also saw a few quite strange things as we were driving down the road…
1) an entire truckload of onions (guaranteed to make anyone cry or your money back!)
2) an ice cream truck driving down the turnpike (the driver of which was eating a Popsicle)
3) ten school buses in a row (it’s still summer, people! SUMMER!!!)
4) a mini Ferris wheel in the back of a flat-bed pickup truck (It was about six feet tall. Who would fit in it? Toddlers? Chihuahuas? Shrink-rayed minions? Haha, Despicable Me reference…)
5) a parking garage where the speed limit is 7.5 MPH (not 8, not 7, but 7.5)

I hope you enjoyed this totally unorganized and random post! (More targeted posts coming soon, I promise. Maybe even a guest post from Chrissy, our resident Egyptologist…)