I am in Disney World at the moment, but only for a couple more days (sad…) so if anyone wants to request a picture of something, definitely comment!

Anyway, I’m actually blogging live from the Magic Kingdom right now, and since I have a few funny pictures and anecdotes to share, I figured I’d… share. Anyway, let’s get to the reason you’re reading this post and satisfy your obvious curiosity on how to eat a soup dumpling.


The Nine Dragons Restaurant conveniently has these instructions on all of their tables. However, they don’t quite answer my most pressing question: What exactly is a soup dumpling?

In other news, I did a highly non-scientific, subjective, and random experiment. I counted all the people wearing Mickey/Minnie ears for a good 2 days at the parks, and came up with around 153. I also noticed (cue wacky scientist voice) that there were lots of girls wearing Mickey hats, but only one boy wearing a Minnie hat. (This surprised me; I didn’t really expect any of the latter, and especially not sequined ones.)

Anyway, this is Pxzi signing off for today (and no, I haven’t forgotten about Chrissy’s guest post. It’s coming, I promise!)

P. S. Speaking of Chrissy, she just got this book.

Jealous? You know you are…