I don’t normally like zoos much, the main reason being that they’re so smelly I can’t enjoy it at all. Also, I could never understand why people always insist on going to the zoo in summer, when the smells are the worst and you can’t even wear a scarf to prevent breathing it in. However, I recently went to the Philadelphia Zoo with my family, and I even had fun (really!).

First of all, the day started out lucky when my chauffeur (aka my dad, but his name’s Jim, so we can say, “home, James!” Anyway…) decided to ignore the “Zoo Parking Garage Full” sign and went into the parking garage anyway. And guess what?! There were (multiple) open spaces. They just put in that garage, actually. It’s very close to the zoo, and it’s well lit. What else could you want? (Well, other than the sign being accurate… But I rest my case.)

Then we found an entrance that put us pretty close to the polar bear exhibit. Their names are Coldilocks and Klondike, and I’m always amazed by their sheer size and power. We also got ice cream, which definitely helped my mood.

The weather was really nice all day- it was like the world was conspiring to make it a good day! (Ok. That sounded cheesy. Maybe I should sign off for today.) So try the Philly Zoo, oldest zoo in the country! It just might surprise you…