I invited my sister Chrissy to write a guest post on the Egypt exhibit at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia. We went on a Sunday, and it was practically deserted… But I’ll let Miss Crissy the Egypt Expert tell you more!

Hi Chrissy here! I am actually in my mom’s car at the moment, heading back from the Penn Museum! “Why?” you ask. I just love Egyptology, anthropology, and archeology. So what better place to go than Penn Museum?
When we arrived, my sisters Pxzi and Rosie dragged me to see a bunch of skulls. That’s right – human skulls! “Please don’t puke, Chrissy,” Pxzi had begged me as my face turned pale green. “There’s no one around to blame it on!” At that point, Mom and Daddy had just called us over. We got stamps on our hands depicting (I suspect) Perseus from Greek mythology.

We headed to the Egypt section where I enjoyed showing off my Egyptian knowledge, introducing my family to my dear friends Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The world of Egypt is mesmerizing, and I only almost puked three times. Once with the skulls, and twice with unwrapped mummies. Bleh! I managed to take 150 pictures while I wasn’t puking dramatically*.

If you have (or are) small children, don’t visit the mummy section: apart from being sick, you might have nightmares! You can watch a video on Tutankhamen and another guy I can’t spell the name of. You can even take a field trip there! Over all, this museum is something to look forward to. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Chrissy! I had fun too. I particularly enjoyed the sphinx and columns, which coupled with dramatic lighting made for an incredibly immersive exhibit. We also visited the Artifact Lab, where there were more mummies and you can talk to a preservationist. For some reason, you can only enter this interesting room through the (puzzlingly cold) Iraq exhibit.

There are tons of other exhibits too, including Africa, Rome, and Greece. Which would you most like to see a post on?

*disclaimer: Chrissy has a weak stomach- she gets queasy when she sees the inside of a blueberry. I thought the mummies were awesome (although perhaps she’s right about the small children thing…). Also, she did not actually puke. She’s just exaggerating, no need to worry.