I don’t care what anyone says, giant birds are terrifying. I’m probably being silly, but flamingos are a lot bigger up close that they look in pictures.

This is Sarasota Jungle Gardens, where Mom, Chrissy, Rosie went with our grandmom last summer. It’s an interesting attraction, especially for outdoorsy types, where you explore paths through a jungle landscape. (It’s in Florida, I don’t think I mentioned that.)
The flamingos are just wandering free on the paths, and they are TALL! As you can see in the pictures, they’re easily as tall as Rosie, and some of them were my height.

You can purchase food for them in the gift shop and they’ll eat out of your hand. (I let my sisters do that; I stayed a good distance away from those crazy birds!)

You could also touch a baby crocodile, held by a handler of course, they don’t just let those run around freely. Chrissy had us running around somerset trying to find some Egyptian plant she thought she saw… We never did locate it. Anyway, that’s Sarasota Jungle Gardens!

(…just don’t forget the bug spray. Mosquitos EVERYWHERE…)