If you look at most of the pictures of me on here, you will probably see my oh-so-attractive fanny pack (I mean that sarcastically, of course, it’s a fanny pack for goodness sake). I pack it with pretty much everything I need and bring with with me to the parks, but I know it can be difficult making sure you don’t forget anything. So here’s a list of what I bring out for a day of fun.

1) a fanny pack or small purse (I like the fanny pack because I don’t have to keep track of it or take it off on rides.)
2) sunglasses (for obvious reasons)
3) a wallet
4) camera
5) extra batteries (because my camera tends to die randomly)
6) two quarters and a penny (for the squashed penny machines- I have a collection of squashed pennies.)
7) cellphone
8) ziplock Baggie (keeps phone dry on water rides and unpredictable Florida rainstorms)
9) Chapstick
10) hair-ties ( because I have a lot of hair)
11) hand sanitizer (to wash hands before eating; not pictured because I couldn’t find any)
12) sunblock (also not pictured)
13) poncho/ light weight rain jacket (not pictured and doesn’t fit in the fanny pack anyway)
14) small toys (to keep my little sisters happy in long lines)

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but if I have, I’ll add it later. What’s in your purse/fanny pack/pockets on vacations?