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If you look at most of the pictures of me on here, you will probably see my oh-so-attractive fanny pack (I mean that sarcastically, of course, it’s a fanny pack for goodness sake). I pack it with pretty much everything I need and bring with with me to the parks, but I know it can be difficult making sure you don’t forget anything. So here’s a list of what I bring out for a day of fun.

1) a fanny pack or small purse (I like the fanny pack because I don’t have to keep track of it or take it off on rides.)
2) sunglasses (for obvious reasons)
3) a wallet
4) camera
5) extra batteries (because my camera tends to die randomly)
6) two quarters and a penny (for the squashed penny machines- I have a collection of squashed pennies.)
7) cellphone
8) ziplock Baggie (keeps phone dry on water rides and unpredictable Florida rainstorms)
9) Chapstick
10) hair-ties ( because I have a lot of hair)
11) hand sanitizer (to wash hands before eating; not pictured because I couldn’t find any)
12) sunblock (also not pictured)
13) poncho/ light weight rain jacket (not pictured and doesn’t fit in the fanny pack anyway)
14) small toys (to keep my little sisters happy in long lines)

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but if I have, I’ll add it later. What’s in your purse/fanny pack/pockets on vacations?

I don’t care what anyone says, giant birds are terrifying. I’m probably being silly, but flamingos are a lot bigger up close that they look in pictures.

This is Sarasota Jungle Gardens, where Mom, Chrissy, Rosie went with our grandmom last summer. It’s an interesting attraction, especially for outdoorsy types, where you explore paths through a jungle landscape. (It’s in Florida, I don’t think I mentioned that.)
The flamingos are just wandering free on the paths, and they are TALL! As you can see in the pictures, they’re easily as tall as Rosie, and some of them were my height.

You can purchase food for them in the gift shop and they’ll eat out of your hand. (I let my sisters do that; I stayed a good distance away from those crazy birds!)

You could also touch a baby crocodile, held by a handler of course, they don’t just let those run around freely. Chrissy had us running around somerset trying to find some Egyptian plant she thought she saw… We never did locate it. Anyway, that’s Sarasota Jungle Gardens!

(…just don’t forget the bug spray. Mosquitos EVERYWHERE…)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my dog wearing a wig.

Here’s hoping all of you have a lovely day!

Random Shoe Post

I’m in a play all weekend, so I have no room in my brain left to write a proper post, so here’s a filler post about shoes. But it’s funny (I hope) so read on if you if you don’t mind pictures of shoes. 20131107-150303.jpg
Bowling shoes trying to look fancy. Just give it up and stay in the bowling alley!
The Zipper Shoe. If your foot gets cold, just zip it up!

When you’re going for the “Medieval Battlefield Fabulous” look- seriously, these shoes look like weapons.

Army Surplus meets Casual Friday.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Here’s me in my school costume… My home room dressed as 101 Dalmatians. I’m a Dalmatian, in case you can’t tell from the bad photo.

Hope everyone has tons of fun tonight!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had another Chef Mickey’s story that I am bursting to share… So here it is!


For my Halloween costume this year I am… Well, actually, it’s either punk rocker Minnie Mouse or Mickey and Minnie’s punk daughter. Whichever you prefer, really.

I was expecting a lot of funny looks from strangers, considering the fact that I pierced the famous Mouse Ears with studs and dangles, and that I suppose I’m a bit old to be dressed up anyway. However, I got surprisingly few of them. Just a couple of smiles from short-sighted elderly couples and a frankly pained look from a mom pushing a stroller.


Mickey and Minnie were both pleased to see me in Chef Mickey’s, though, and I even got up and danced during the celebration song.


How about you? Any costume stories to share?

So, we were staying in the Garden Wing at the Contemporary, and we were honestly greatly amused by the room. First of all, the decorative pillows bore a quite, um, interesting resemblance to wheels of cheese.


(The bubbles in the foreground are from my sister Rosie’s new bubble gun.)

This kept us laughing for a good half an hour, and that was even before we discovered our “balcony”. So, picture this if you will: there’s a set of nice glass doors like the ones that normally lead out to a veranda in Disney hotels. You open the doors and step out into

I invited my sister Chrissy to write a guest post on the Egypt exhibit at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia. We went on a Sunday, and it was practically deserted… But I’ll let Miss Crissy the Egypt Expert tell you more!

Hi Chrissy here! I am actually in my mom’s car at the moment, heading back from the Penn Museum! “Why?” you ask. I just love Egyptology, anthropology, and archeology. So what better place to go than Penn Museum?
When we arrived, my sisters Pxzi and Rosie dragged me to see a bunch of skulls. That’s right – human skulls! “Please don’t puke, Chrissy,” Pxzi had begged me as my face turned pale green. “There’s no one around to blame it on!” At that point, Mom and Daddy had just called us over. We got stamps on our hands depicting (I suspect) Perseus from Greek mythology.

We headed to the Egypt section where I enjoyed showing off my Egyptian knowledge, introducing my family to my dear friends Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The world of Egypt is mesmerizing, and I only almost puked three times. Once with the skulls, and twice with unwrapped mummies. Bleh! I managed to take 150 pictures while I wasn’t puking dramatically*.

If you have (or are) small children, don’t visit the mummy section: apart from being sick, you might have nightmares! You can watch a video on Tutankhamen and another guy I can’t spell the name of. You can even take a field trip there! Over all, this museum is something to look forward to. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Chrissy! I had fun too. I particularly enjoyed the sphinx and columns, which coupled with dramatic lighting made for an incredibly immersive exhibit. We also visited the Artifact Lab, where there were more mummies and you can talk to a preservationist. For some reason, you can only enter this interesting room through the (puzzlingly cold) Iraq exhibit.

There are tons of other exhibits too, including Africa, Rome, and Greece. Which would you most like to see a post on?

*disclaimer: Chrissy has a weak stomach- she gets queasy when she sees the inside of a blueberry. I thought the mummies were awesome (although perhaps she’s right about the small children thing…). Also, she did not actually puke. She’s just exaggerating, no need to worry.

I don’t normally like zoos much, the main reason being that they’re so smelly I can’t enjoy it at all. Also, I could never understand why people always insist on going to the zoo in summer, when the smells are the worst and you can’t even wear a scarf to prevent breathing it in. However, I recently went to the Philadelphia Zoo with my family, and I even had fun (really!).

First of all, the day started out lucky when my chauffeur (aka my dad, but his name’s Jim, so we can say, “home, James!” Anyway…) decided to ignore the “Zoo Parking Garage Full” sign and went into the parking garage anyway. And guess what?! There were (multiple) open spaces. They just put in that garage, actually. It’s very close to the zoo, and it’s well lit. What else could you want? (Well, other than the sign being accurate… But I rest my case.)

Then we found an entrance that put us pretty close to the polar bear exhibit. Their names are Coldilocks and Klondike, and I’m always amazed by their sheer size and power. We also got ice cream, which definitely helped my mood.

The weather was really nice all day- it was like the world was conspiring to make it a good day! (Ok. That sounded cheesy. Maybe I should sign off for today.) So try the Philly Zoo, oldest zoo in the country! It just might surprise you…


I am in Disney World at the moment, but only for a couple more days (sad…) so if anyone wants to request a picture of something, definitely comment!

Anyway, I’m actually blogging live from the Magic Kingdom right now, and since I have a few funny pictures and anecdotes to share, I figured I’d… share. Anyway, let’s get to the reason you’re reading this post and satisfy your obvious curiosity on how to eat a soup dumpling.


The Nine Dragons Restaurant conveniently has these instructions on all of their tables. However, they don’t quite answer my most pressing question: What exactly is a soup dumpling?

In other news, I did a highly non-scientific, subjective, and random experiment. I counted all the people wearing Mickey/Minnie ears for a good 2 days at the parks, and came up with around 153. I also noticed (cue wacky scientist voice) that there were lots of girls wearing Mickey hats, but only one boy wearing a Minnie hat. (This surprised me; I didn’t really expect any of the latter, and especially not sequined ones.)

Anyway, this is Pxzi signing off for today (and no, I haven’t forgotten about Chrissy’s guest post. It’s coming, I promise!)

P. S. Speaking of Chrissy, she just got this book.

Jealous? You know you are…

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