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Skylines and Weird Sights

I was in Philadelphia the other day, and, since I had a camera and time to kill, I took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful skylines. (In my defense, there are some pretty cool skylines in Philly.)



I love how the sky just dominates this one…

I also saw a few quite strange things as we were driving down the road…
1) an entire truckload of onions (guaranteed to make anyone cry or your money back!)
2) an ice cream truck driving down the turnpike (the driver of which was eating a Popsicle)
3) ten school buses in a row (it’s still summer, people! SUMMER!!!)
4) a mini Ferris wheel in the back of a flat-bed pickup truck (It was about six feet tall. Who would fit in it? Toddlers? Chihuahuas? Shrink-rayed minions? Haha, Despicable Me reference…)
5) a parking garage where the speed limit is 7.5 MPH (not 8, not 7, but 7.5)

I hope you enjoyed this totally unorganized and random post! (More targeted posts coming soon, I promise. Maybe even a guest post from Chrissy, our resident Egyptologist…)


Happy Father’s Day!

So, my dad loves Star Wars, golf, and Disney World, so I figured I’d make him a Star Wars-, golf-, and Disney World- themed Father’s Day card! I know, I know, that’s nuts. But it actually turned out pretty cool:

I drew Darth Vader using a tutorial on this website (let’s just say there was some outright tracing involved). Anyway, here’s the inside.

Happy Father’s Day from Pxzi!!!

My family and I recently attended the annual Irish Festival in Philly. Held at Penn’s landing, it was tones of fun despite the somewhat rainy weather.

There was live music on a stage right near the water. I can’t remember the names of the bands, but they were mostly mixtures of Irish folk tunes and modern, contemporary music. People sat on the steps to listen. Everyone was wearing green and having a great time.

During the festival, different Irish Dance schools got a chance to show their skills in front of the crowd. It was rainy during the first performance, and as I didn’t want to endanger my camera, I didn’t get any pictures of them. However, the sun shined on the next group and I got some great pictures!

My sister Rosie is in this group. She’s the one in sneakers, floating off the ground!


These girls were nothing short of amazing and I wish I had a video because the pictures just can’t show the actual movement. They had fancy shoes on that made a noise like tap shoes (another reason I should have taken a video) and danced perfectly to the Irish music playing in the background.

These girls’ outfits are so pretty- I’m just glad it wasn’t too hot out.

This little boy is pretty darn inspiring. He wasn’t the only boy dancing, but he was the only one doing a solo. Pretty brave of him, I’d say, but he seems to be enjoying it- just look at that smile!
I’ll leave you with a picture of this boat cruising down the river- Irish Forever!


We recently went to see the Carnival of the Animals ballet at the Academy of Music (in Philadelphia).

20130512-162332.jpgIt has two accompanying acts too, the Ballo della Regina and The Four Temperaments. The building itself was incredibly beautiful from the antechamber to the actual theater, the decorations and architecture are phenomenal.


The shows were, if anything, more dazzling than the theater they were performed in.

The first two acts (Ballo della Regina and The Four Temperaments) were very good. They were your typical ballet, with no narration or storyline. The costumes were beautiful, the dancing amazing. I had only one complaint about these shows; that they were, perhaps, a bit too long. I’ve got a bit of a short attention span, and just dancing with little variation doesn’t quite hold my attention for a half an hour (per performance).

20130512-163345.jpgIf I had any complaints about the first two performances,performances, they were completely eclipsed by the amazing spectacle that was the Carnival of the Animals. This one did have a storyline and narration, and the narrator was none other than John Lithgow, the actor and comedian. The show was engaging, humorous at times, and just plain wonderful. In it, a little boy falls asleep to find that the people from his life had turned into animals in his dream. The play is great for children; I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My mom always makes our home a Magical Place, so I made this for her to celebrate.

All the flowers are crocheted. The patterns for the purple flower and the big pink rose in the center came from Ravelry, and I just kind of made the other one up as I went along.


Disney’s new movie, Monsters University, is coming out in theaters June 2013. It’s sort of a prequel to Monsters Inc., that movie with the lovable fuzzy Sully, witty one-eyed Mike Wazowski, and the adorable human girl Boo. They stole our hearts years ago, and now they’re coming back! (Well, Sully and Mike are, I don’t think Boo is in this movie.) The movie explains how Mike and Sully came to be best friends during their time in college.

To promote the movie, Disney made a highly amusing spoof of a college website for Monsters University. Complete with a message from the dean, MU merchandise to show your school spirit, and an event calendar, the site is super fun to explore. Check it out for yourself here!




Posing with the giant coke bottle in Hollywood Studios.

My New Mobile App!

QR Code

This is the QR code that will take you to my app.

I am a beta tester for, and I got my own mobile web app!  Here’s the link:  In my app, this is what you will find: directions to the Magic Kingdom, a beautiful video of the parks at Christmas (I did not make this video; it came from youtube),  a few pictures, newsfeed from my blog, and ‘like’ and ‘share’ options.  I hope you like it!

I stumbled across this masterpiece while walking in the gardens in Epcot.  It advertizes the new movie “Brave.”


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