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Let’s start out by saying: the less said about my most recent trip the better. So of course I have to tell you about it… to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Cue dark music here.
(Wow. That sounded dramatic, didn’t it? A bit over dramatic, really, especially since this post is mainly about chicken nuggets.)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is a counter service restaurant in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom. I went there as a little kid, and still remember how there was an alien DJ who told jokes and sang. I didn’t really remember the food, but you know how kids don’t really care what they’re eating most of the time (as long as it’s wildly unhealthy).

I specifically asked to go to Cosmic Ray’s to see the alien, so imagine my dismay when he wasn’t even singing! Or doing standup/sitdown/anysortof comedy. He just sat there. Ugh.

Plus, I didn’t see anything on the menu I liked, so I ordered the kid’s “chicken nuggets.” I knew they would be gross as soon as I saw them; they came out looking burnt and generally disgusting. My mom even said that to the lady selling it to them.

Mom: Uh, can we get another order of chicken nuggets? Those look burnt.
Lady: No, that’s always how the kids’ chicken nuggets come out.
Mom: Really? That inedible?
Lady: Unfortunately, yes.

So the lady gave us a turkey sandwich because she felt sorry for us. That was gross, too, but not as awful as the “chicken nuggets.” That’s in quotes because like typical fast food nuggets, they do not look like real chicken. (The inside looked like polyfill saturated with white paint. They also tasted depressingly like old chicken nuggets from a greasy roadside fast food place.)

So the moral of the story: when it comes to Cosmic Ray’s “chicken nuggets,” just say NO.



So, we were staying in the Garden Wing at the Contemporary, and we were honestly greatly amused by the room. First of all, the decorative pillows bore a quite, um, interesting resemblance to wheels of cheese.


(The bubbles in the foreground are from my sister Rosie’s new bubble gun.)

This kept us laughing for a good half an hour, and that was even before we discovered our “balcony”. So, picture this if you will: there’s a set of nice glass doors like the ones that normally lead out to a veranda in Disney hotels. You open the doors and step out into

I invited my sister Chrissy to write a guest post on the Egypt exhibit at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia. We went on a Sunday, and it was practically deserted… But I’ll let Miss Crissy the Egypt Expert tell you more!

Hi Chrissy here! I am actually in my mom’s car at the moment, heading back from the Penn Museum! “Why?” you ask. I just love Egyptology, anthropology, and archeology. So what better place to go than Penn Museum?
When we arrived, my sisters Pxzi and Rosie dragged me to see a bunch of skulls. That’s right – human skulls! “Please don’t puke, Chrissy,” Pxzi had begged me as my face turned pale green. “There’s no one around to blame it on!” At that point, Mom and Daddy had just called us over. We got stamps on our hands depicting (I suspect) Perseus from Greek mythology.

We headed to the Egypt section where I enjoyed showing off my Egyptian knowledge, introducing my family to my dear friends Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The world of Egypt is mesmerizing, and I only almost puked three times. Once with the skulls, and twice with unwrapped mummies. Bleh! I managed to take 150 pictures while I wasn’t puking dramatically*.

If you have (or are) small children, don’t visit the mummy section: apart from being sick, you might have nightmares! You can watch a video on Tutankhamen and another guy I can’t spell the name of. You can even take a field trip there! Over all, this museum is something to look forward to. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Chrissy! I had fun too. I particularly enjoyed the sphinx and columns, which coupled with dramatic lighting made for an incredibly immersive exhibit. We also visited the Artifact Lab, where there were more mummies and you can talk to a preservationist. For some reason, you can only enter this interesting room through the (puzzlingly cold) Iraq exhibit.

There are tons of other exhibits too, including Africa, Rome, and Greece. Which would you most like to see a post on?

*disclaimer: Chrissy has a weak stomach- she gets queasy when she sees the inside of a blueberry. I thought the mummies were awesome (although perhaps she’s right about the small children thing…). Also, she did not actually puke. She’s just exaggerating, no need to worry.

I don’t normally like zoos much, the main reason being that they’re so smelly I can’t enjoy it at all. Also, I could never understand why people always insist on going to the zoo in summer, when the smells are the worst and you can’t even wear a scarf to prevent breathing it in. However, I recently went to the Philadelphia Zoo with my family, and I even had fun (really!).

First of all, the day started out lucky when my chauffeur (aka my dad, but his name’s Jim, so we can say, “home, James!” Anyway…) decided to ignore the “Zoo Parking Garage Full” sign and went into the parking garage anyway. And guess what?! There were (multiple) open spaces. They just put in that garage, actually. It’s very close to the zoo, and it’s well lit. What else could you want? (Well, other than the sign being accurate… But I rest my case.)

Then we found an entrance that put us pretty close to the polar bear exhibit. Their names are Coldilocks and Klondike, and I’m always amazed by their sheer size and power. We also got ice cream, which definitely helped my mood.

The weather was really nice all day- it was like the world was conspiring to make it a good day! (Ok. That sounded cheesy. Maybe I should sign off for today.) So try the Philly Zoo, oldest zoo in the country! It just might surprise you…


I am in Disney World at the moment, but only for a couple more days (sad…) so if anyone wants to request a picture of something, definitely comment!

Anyway, I’m actually blogging live from the Magic Kingdom right now, and since I have a few funny pictures and anecdotes to share, I figured I’d… share. Anyway, let’s get to the reason you’re reading this post and satisfy your obvious curiosity on how to eat a soup dumpling.


The Nine Dragons Restaurant conveniently has these instructions on all of their tables. However, they don’t quite answer my most pressing question: What exactly is a soup dumpling?

In other news, I did a highly non-scientific, subjective, and random experiment. I counted all the people wearing Mickey/Minnie ears for a good 2 days at the parks, and came up with around 153. I also noticed (cue wacky scientist voice) that there were lots of girls wearing Mickey hats, but only one boy wearing a Minnie hat. (This surprised me; I didn’t really expect any of the latter, and especially not sequined ones.)

Anyway, this is Pxzi signing off for today (and no, I haven’t forgotten about Chrissy’s guest post. It’s coming, I promise!)

P. S. Speaking of Chrissy, she just got this book.

Jealous? You know you are…

Skylines and Weird Sights

I was in Philadelphia the other day, and, since I had a camera and time to kill, I took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful skylines. (In my defense, there are some pretty cool skylines in Philly.)



I love how the sky just dominates this one…

I also saw a few quite strange things as we were driving down the road…
1) an entire truckload of onions (guaranteed to make anyone cry or your money back!)
2) an ice cream truck driving down the turnpike (the driver of which was eating a Popsicle)
3) ten school buses in a row (it’s still summer, people! SUMMER!!!)
4) a mini Ferris wheel in the back of a flat-bed pickup truck (It was about six feet tall. Who would fit in it? Toddlers? Chihuahuas? Shrink-rayed minions? Haha, Despicable Me reference…)
5) a parking garage where the speed limit is 7.5 MPH (not 8, not 7, but 7.5)

I hope you enjoyed this totally unorganized and random post! (More targeted posts coming soon, I promise. Maybe even a guest post from Chrissy, our resident Egyptologist…)

I’ve been attempting to write more restaurant posts lately (as opposed to RIDES RIDES RIDES) so this week I’ll share one of my all time favorite Disney restaurants! As a Chinese food place, Nine Dragons Restaurant (located in Epcot’s China Pavilion) doesn’t have quite the same hype as a lot of other restaurants in Disney. I like it because it’s a really terrific place to take a break from the exciting-ness and hectic-ness of a Disney vacation. Also, their egg rolls are TO DIE FOR.
The decor is composed of some of the most amazing glass artwork I’ve ever seen. There are glass dragons everywhere (and if I could get away with it, I would totally take one home to decorate my room with. Just kidding. Or am I??).

It’s a nice place for kids, although my little sisters don’t like Chinese food (apparently), so we always stop at America first to get them cheeseburgers (we get them to go and then we all eat together in China). The staff is always really friendly and have never yet commented on the very obviously smuggled burgers.

So, hit the Nine Dragons for lunch or dinner to recharge (it’s a sit down restaurant) before your next adventure. You should probably get reservations, but they often accept walk-ins. So go to China in Epcot’s World Showcase!! (And get the EGG ROLLS!)

As promised, I’m posting on Muppet Vision 3D today. As soon as you step into the building, you leave Disney’s Hollywood Studios behind and enter Muppet Studios. There is a quick pre-show in an antechamber, during which Sam Eagle attempts to give safety instruction while Gonzo performs tricks, chickens invade, and general mayhem ensues.

You do have to stand for the pre-show, but the main show takes place in a lavishly decorated theater. The only way I can describe it is as a cross between the Academy of Music and a Muppet enthusiast’s house. There is a huge red curtain hanging in front of the screen and the walls are decorated with gilt Fozzie Bears and Gonzos.

The 3D show is entertaining to say the least, even if you haven’t seen the Muppet Show or the movies. Some scenes might give really little kids a bit of a fright. For example, at one point a vacuum cleaner sucks up Muppet Labs. There is another when the Swedish Chef attempts to hit another character with a cannon. There are also loud noises, but if your tike can handle it, you should definitely take them to the show. The humor is just awesome. In fact, I loved Muppet Vision so much that I rented the original TV shows from the library!

Today I’ll be commenting on one of my family’s favorite Disney restaurants, Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano. Located in Hollywood Studios, it is positioned very near Muppet Vision 3D, another favorite of ours (post on that coming soon is right here!).
As you’ve probably figured out from name, Mama Melrose is an Italian style restaurant. “Hollywood meets Italy” is its little gimmick. It is filled with memorabilia of movie stars long and other performers, along with other decorations calling to mind both California and Italy.
It is a greet place take the family; also, it is a good idea to get reservations! As for the food, hardly anything in Disney can best it (maybe the juice at Ohana or the dessert at Be Our Guest Restaurant), but with Italian food one cannot go wrong here.
Mama Melrose offers a Kid’s Menu, but more adventurous children, might want to try one of the various pasta or seafood dishes from the adult menu. I’ve honestly had nothing but positive experiences here as far as I can remember, whether I’ve gone for lunch or dinner (it doesn’t serve breakfast).

Happy Father’s Day!

So, my dad loves Star Wars, golf, and Disney World, so I figured I’d make him a Star Wars-, golf-, and Disney World- themed Father’s Day card! I know, I know, that’s nuts. But it actually turned out pretty cool:

I drew Darth Vader using a tutorial on this website (let’s just say there was some outright tracing involved). Anyway, here’s the inside.

Happy Father’s Day from Pxzi!!!

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