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As promised, I’m posting on Muppet Vision 3D today. As soon as you step into the building, you leave Disney’s Hollywood Studios behind and enter Muppet Studios. There is a quick pre-show in an antechamber, during which Sam Eagle attempts to give safety instruction while Gonzo performs tricks, chickens invade, and general mayhem ensues.

You do have to stand for the pre-show, but the main show takes place in a lavishly decorated theater. The only way I can describe it is as a cross between the Academy of Music and a Muppet enthusiast’s house. There is a huge red curtain hanging in front of the screen and the walls are decorated with gilt Fozzie Bears and Gonzos.

The 3D show is entertaining to say the least, even if you haven’t seen the Muppet Show or the movies. Some scenes might give really little kids a bit of a fright. For example, at one point a vacuum cleaner sucks up Muppet Labs. There is another when the Swedish Chef attempts to hit another character with a cannon. There are also loud noises, but if your tike can handle it, you should definitely take them to the show. The humor is just awesome. In fact, I loved Muppet Vision so much that I rented the original TV shows from the library!


The Festival of the Lion King is a live entertainment show which takes place once an hour in camp Mickey-Minnie. You are advised to get there a half hour early, because it fills up fast. The show is 25 minutes long, indoors, and interactive.

When the show starts, Timone, Pumba, and Simba arrive on floats to start the festivities. Though there is no overall story line, there are displays of acrobatics, ballet, and a man who dances with fire. Though it gets dark sometimes, the show should be ok for most small children. If you are looking for amazing entertainment, this is the show to see.

The Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a beautiful show in which birds of all kinds sing to the park guests.  It was recently redone and taken from the rather more exciting ‘Under New Management’ version to the way it was when it first made its debut.  My family found the change rather disappointing, but on the bright side, it is now much better for younger kids.  Where before they might have been upset by the (I admit, kind of scary) appearance of Polynesia, the Hawaiian goddess of chaos, they are now delighted by the brightly colored birds.  Unless your little one is afraid of birds, you needn’t have any qualms about bringing them to the show.

When you walk in, you sit down on long wooden benches.  No need to strap in, you won’t be going anywhere during this show!  The birds sing a variety of well-loved songs, a few of which are accompanied by the tiki gods.  The room is dimly lit, but not enough so to be considered dark.  The ‘windows’ look out on stunning Hawaiian volcanoes.  The show is concluded by a cute magic trick.

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